Gas Grill Parts and Accessories

If you’ve got a grill and you use it well then eventually you will be in the market for some gas grill parts. As with any product that gets regular use things wear out. When it comes to replacement parts the sky is the limit especially online.

So whether you need parts for a Weber, Charmglow, Coleman, Ducane, Fiesta, Sear, Sunbeam, Thermos, or Charbroil grill you can find a great selection online. And you can save a bundle of money too.

The basics:

The basic structure of all gas grills is a metal box made of either stainless steel or cast aluminum. Propane grills have a tank and a regulator. Natural gas grills use your home gas supply meter as the regulator. Regulators of propane tanks are generally preset by the manufacturer and you should not change them. Regulators have a small vent hole that you must keep clean, as clogs are a common problem with them.

Other important grill parts:

The fuel, either propane or natural gas, passes through venturi tubes through to the control valve and from there to the burner. Venturi tubes connect the control valves to the burners and allow the mixing of fuel and air. This causes flames being produced. Control valves have several components and are custom-made for the manufacturer. The burners themselves can have any shape. Commonly seen shapes are oval, H-shaped and even bow tie shape.
Above the burner, some gas grills have a grate that holds ceramic briquettes. Some gas grills have a metal barrier or a lava rock. This part needs replacing periodically as burnt grease settles on it and there are chances of unpleasant odors settling on food because of this.

Side burners:

A side burner is an important accessory in a gas grill. This allows for a little simultaneous cooking like soup and the like. When cooking away from home, it is important to boil any water that you take from an outside tap. For such purposes, a side burner comes in very handy.
The use of accessories like cooking grids, rock rates, heat plates, heat angles, warming racks, handles, heat indicators, igniters, baskets, brushes, grill covers, grill and tank accessories, freestanding burners, lighters, maintenance products, briquettes, and rotisseries makes working with a gas grill convenient and interesting.

Other accessories:

Additional accessories like beverage centers, paper towel dispensers, umbrellas, a refrigerator, beer taps, and ice chests you can choose depending on your needs. Though these accessories are not of any functional use in the gas grill, their presence does add a good measure of luxury to the outdoor eating experience.
Your grill consists of a variety of small parts that might break or corrode and need replacement. A quick search online and you’ll have not a problem finding those replacement parts. It’s important that you correctly match these parts for size and material.

The conclusion:

When it comes to gas grill parts the online offer is vast and the prices vary so do a quick search and you’ll certainly find what you need.

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