Cleaning Your Gas Grill after a Barbecue

The after “party”

You have had all your friends and your family over for a big barbecue and everyone had a great time. You say your last goodbyes to everyone. Then it is time for the cleanup. You walk out in the backyard and look at your barbecue grill and gasp. It is filthy from all the food that you cooked on it. You start to think “Well, maybe it can wait till tomorrow” but your wife gives you the look. The look that says do it now. So you turn back to the grill and wonder how you are going to get it clean again. It had looked so nice and shiny that morning. Is this a scene that has ever passed through your life, well in this article we are going to tell you how to clean that grill after a barbecue.

The first thing you need to do is remember is to treat your grill like you would your stove in the kitchen. When you are cooking in the house, most of us will take time to wipe the stove down several times. Do this to your grill. You do not have to go OCD about it, but occasionally wipe it off. This will save you much hassle in the end.

What about the grates?

Now cleaning your grates is a little different, you cannot very well clean the grates while cooking. It is important to clean your grates every time you are through barbecuing for the day. Wait until your grill has cooled off enough so that you can touch it but still warm. So the food will still come off easier. You will need a stiff wire brush to clean your grates. All you need to do is brush down the grates. Some grates may need a light coat of oil after every use to keep them from rusting. You will also need to brush off the sides and the lid of your gas grill.

The main cleaning

Every once in a while, maybe once a year you will need to do an extra good cleaning of your grill. This may mean you will have to take the pieces of the grill apart. Always make sure you disconnect the gas first. Take out the grill parts one by one. When you get to the burners, check to see if they are clogged and if they are clean them out and if you cannot replace them. After everything is out of the grill, clean it completely with soapy water. Make sure you rinse it good and try it thoroughly. After you put it together, turn it on and let it go for a while before you cook on it again. This will give it a chance to burn off any food you may have left on it.

Remember the key to great barbecuing with easy clean up is to clean it as you go. Wipe down the grill as often as you can. It may help to lightly spray or grease your grill down before cooking with a little oil. Great barbecuing to you all!


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