Char Broil Charcoal Grill Review

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Char Broil Charcoal Grill – Product description

The Char Broil Charcoal grill has a total surface for a flexible cooking of 850 square inch, combining different functions (from charcoal smoking, grilling and barbecuing) for an easy and enjoyable cooking
It is designed to be adjustable, fitting in gardens and backyards, and it is featured with height fire grate, a gauge for temperature, and dampers for cooking time.

As a result, everything about this charcoal grill is practical and handy : the folding shelves for storage the accessories, tools, or ingredients for the barbeque, the cool touch of the handle, the ash pan which may be removed for an easy cleaning, the mobility of the wheels, the hooks for the tools. All this advantages add value to this unique Char-Broil American series, as you can see on Amazon

Features of  Char Broil Charcoal Grill:

⦁ Dimensions – 49.5 x 42 x 29 inches
⦁ Weight – 72.6 pounds
⦁ Color – Black
⦁ Brand & Model Nr.– Char Broil, 12301714
⦁ UNSPSC Nr. 12301678
⦁ ASIN – B004J68BRU
⦁ Adjustable-height steel fire grate
⦁ 2 shelves ( one side shelf and the front shelf)
⦁ Handle Cool-touch
⦁ Dampers for controlling the heat
⦁ Temperature gauge with bezel
⦁ Removable ash pan
⦁ Wire bottom shelf
⦁ 2 wheels for an easy mobility

Customer opinion on Char Broil Charcoal Grill

With 4.1 out of 5 stars , here are some customers reviews about this unique Char-Broil American model – Gourmet 800 Series Charcoal Grill

Some of them are:

« Very easy to assemblage, big enough for grilling more than 30 burgers one time, but the thing is that the seasoning instructions must be followed before you start the BBQ, before cooking. The cooking space is so big, great grill indeed »

« The best about this model of the Char Broil Charcoal Grill is about its features which makes the food really tasty »

« I simply love it, although the assembly process took so much time, but it was worth it; big enough for a big family, or a group of people , and the food is really great »

« Excellent value, but the ash pan removal process is very cumbersome sometimes. The product has been delivered immediately but in a scratched box »

Char Broil Charcoal Grill – Our conclusion:

Why should you buy Char Broil Charcoal Grill?

First of all, The Char-Broil American Gourmet 800 Series Charcoal Grill is a perfect model that can smoking, searing and barbecuing your favorite meal.

Oversize of 850 square inches of grilling surface and cast-iron cooking grates offering you a large area for preparing vegetables, steaks, or burgers, this charcoal grill is provided with many dampers, creating an airflow, controlling the heat.

With its adjustable and practical steel fire grate, it is very easy to manage and to control the temperature of the grill.
The front shelf and the side one too, provide a large place to storage the tools of the barbecue close to hand, or others the ingredients, condiments, etc. This item includes an adjustable-height steel fire grate that makes it easy to manage the grill’s temperature.

The quality of the safety is given also by the touch of the cool handle. On the other hand, the removable ash pan helps for an ease cleaning process of the grill.

Therefor, for all the barbequing and cooking practitioners, the Char Broil Charcoal Grill is a must-have product for any outdoor cooking fun experience.

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8.2 Total Score

Char Broil Charcoal Grill - American Gourmet 800 Series

  • Easy mobility due to the 2 wheels
  • Good price for this great grill with a large grilling surface.
  • Lower paint quality, which is flaked off after the first use
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